Wilfried Scharf has performed as a soloist and with his ensemble SALZBURGER SAITENKLANG all over the world.


He is a pioneer, who has tried unremittingly to reactivate his beloved instrument, which was very popular at the time of empress Sissi. The Harry-Lime Theme out of the movie "The Third Man" made the zither world famous. After it hit rock bottom in the  sixtiees the zither music came back step by step and has reached -  due to many talented players - a much higher level than before .


In 1989 Wilfried Scharf was offered to open a zither-class at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz. In 2010 he qualified for professor.


Beside his tutoring and lecturing at the university he spreads out his music by performing all over the world.



Wilfried Scharf als Solist-englisch

Overview of the past performances